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    First John Heenan Video

    Here is a link to the first introductory video from John.

    <iframe width="427" height="240" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/x76W394Ew_I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


    John also has released a statement on the Daily Kos related to this video.

    If you support John, please help by volunteering or donating.


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  • Welcome to Heenan for Congress

    first-post.pngThis website is intended to be the grassroots organizing hub for activists across Montana in the quest to elect John Heenan to Congress.  When we win, it will be a victory for the people.

    The only way that John can prevail this election is if we have a significant number of volunteers come together and work to help elect him.  Please volunteer today.

     This work will come in numerous ways, including direct voter contact, event planning and management, and a whole host of other ways.  This campaign will be grassroots effort and we will include everyone who wants to make a meaningful contribution doing meaningful work.

    As the campaign develops, this site will have information about John's events, one-off volunteer opportunities, and the opportunity to build and grow teams in your local community.

    Thanks for looking around, and be sure to sign up to volunteer!


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